Solar Panels for Farms

Solar Provides Farms with a Wide Range of Benefits

Solar power systems offer farmers and ranchers financial, operational and environmental benefits. If you are interested in lowering your utility bill, energy independence or improved sustainability, consider installing a solar system for your farm.

A New Cash Crop

Going solar allows farmers to harvest the power of the sun. The sun reliably rises each day and provides light that can be converted to power. Take advantage of the opportunity to harvest daily sunshine and create a new cash crop for your farming operation.

Lower Energy Costs

Our solar panels are guaranteed to provide dependable solar power for at least 25 years. You can significantly reduce your electric bill for decades by installing a solar array on your farm. With solar power, you can better control your farm’s energy costs and stop worrying about the prospect of electrical rate increases.

Improved Sustainability

Solar is a clean, renewable source of emission-free energy that can provide a sustainable power supply for your farm. Installing a solar array can reduce the carbon footprint of farming operations and lessen your reliance on the electrical grid, which is primarily generated from fossil fuels.

Energy Independence

Solar power allows you to reduce or eliminate your dependence on the grid for your electrical needs. With energy storage technology advancing rapidly, you can now, more easily and cost-effectively than ever, rely on a combination of solar panels with a battery backup to satisfy your energy requirements. Your solar system can help you avoid utility rate increases and, with a battery backup, protect your farming operation against losing power during a blackout.

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